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#HBRStories is a collection of real life success stories, from people around the world who's lives have changed through applying the #HBRMethod. These inspiring stories are written by life coaching clients of Sarah Centrella, and or those who've read the book Hustle Believe Receive.  

Patricia Gonzalez #HBRStory: Graduation Dream Comes True

Patricia, a single mom, from Texas, who joined #HBRBootcamp in 2015. She applied the #HBRMethod to complete a long time dream, and manifested her moment!

This is her inspiring story...  

The scariest step is always going to be the first.  In the forty-four years of my life, I can honestly say that I have taken numerous “first steps”.  This journey stems from being an only child, living with a man before marriage, marrying him, divorcing him and then having two children (yes, all in that order!)  Another part of my journey consisted of taking college classes; but never achieving the ultimate reward called a “Bachelor’s Degree”! 

I truly felt a sense of loneness, insecurities and most definitely uncertainty before I joined.  The question that was a constant tidal wave in my brain was, “How in the world will I get through this”?   Unknowingly, I never had a true vision; I was going through the motions and trying to keep a positive mindset.  There was many times I questioned myself, “Was I being a good mother by raising my kids by myself? Will I ever see graduation and get my degree?

#HBRSoundtrack: “Set Fire to the Rain” –Adele

This summer made a positive impact on my outlook on life; I was introduced to the 8-step plan that would change my life, it is called “Hustle Believe Receive” the #HBRMethod.  I suddenly realized that I have a lot of changes to make; never realizing how infectious my surroundings were.  I changed the negativity that was suffocating my dreams and created a new #HBRCrew.     

#HBRSoundtrack: “Shake It Off” –Taylor Swift

I truly felt a sense of freedom and learned that I had to create a vision of what my future WILL BE! #DreamIt.  Once I set the stage of how I wanted my life to play out; I realized that I was holding myself back from my own success.  It was no one else’s issues; they were my own, so, I owned it!  Realizing it was going to take work, determination and most importantly, a positive mindset!

#HBRSoundtrack: “Work” –Iggy Azalea

I created my vision; although my vision consisted of numerous aspirations and dreams, there was one main win I wanted to achieve!  I was determined to graduate from college before my son, who is a high school senior!  He was set to graduate by summer of 2016; and I was determined to cross the stage before my son! #RelentlessPursuit

#HBRSoundtrack: “Run the World (Girls)” –Beyonce

Through the struggles, I was able to successfully focus on my dream, and remain positive that my wishes were coming true (#BelieveIT).  I had a #PinchMeMoment when my counselor shared this was going to be my last semester and then I am a graduate!!!!  That was a moment that I felt numbness, and at the same time as if I jumped out of my seat, filled with so much excitement!

#HBRSoundtrack: “Feel This Moment” –Pitbull

My ultimate moment is when I picked my cap and gown up.  #ManifestThat Officially, I graduate this winter with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science specializing in Management.   All my hard word had finally manifested!   I not only showed myself that all things are possible; but I showed my children that our dreams have no limits! Dreams are ageless and most definitely attainable; we just have to HUSTLE, BELIEVE, RECEIVE!

Thank you Sarah and my #HBRFamily for all your love, support and believing!  You all are amazing and I am forever thankful to each of you!"


Post written by: Patricia Gonzalez

Posted by: Sarah Centrella

The #'s in the story refer to the steps to success as identified in the book #HustleBelieveReceivve

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