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TRUE #HBRStories

#HBRStories is a collection of real life success stories, from people around the world who's lives have changed through applying the #HBRMethod. These inspiring stories are written by life coaching clients of Sarah Centrella, and or those who've read the book Hustle Believe Receive.  

Tine Riedel's #HBRStory from Denmark

I am born in April 1981 in a small town in Denmark, Europe. Being the fire chef’s daughter, everyone knew who I was. You should think that alone made me popular, but no. I felt like an outsider, never knowing how to act, always getting to a place where I felt like everyone thought I was weird.  Feeling left out took its tole on my self-worth and most of my childhood I wandered in and out of a depressive mental state.

I've always felt a magic connection to horses and when I was about 12-13years old, my parents allowed me to get riding classes at the local riding school. Here I found out that I am good at something. Handling horses and riding. Not that I felt that I was bad at everything else, but here I excelled.

I grew up, getting most of my social education at the riding school and from firefighters, so I've learned to call it as it is. And that does not sit well with some people. I continued to feel like I didn't fit in, except when I worked with horses or among men, so I decided to educate myself as an electrician. It was a physically hard job and in 2004, shortly after I graduated, I hurt both my arms whilst working.

For the next year I sat in my couch, watching TV (#EarthquakeMoment). I could not do anything that involved using my arms. And that is a lot! Soon I realized that I was not able to work at an electrician again. I had built my whole life around that job, so when I lost the ability to work, I plunged into depression. Somehow I pulled myself up by the hair, trying to get my bearings and figure out what I wanted to do and – most important – WHO I was! I thought my identity was my work and when I lost that, I lost myself.  So I went back to school. I needed to do something while I figured out what to do and who I was.

In 2008 I met and moved in with the man, who became the father of my two boys. One in 2009 and the next in 2011. Both times I became depressive afterwards. I didn't have a depression, but my mood was not fantastic either. Again I pulled myself up by the hair.

In 2012 the boy’s father and I split-up and if that was not tough enough, the daycare that watched after out now 3- year old son, turned against me and reported me to social services. Luckily social services found no reason to pursue and reprimanded the daycare, but I was already going down again into a full blow depression with anxiety attacks. That was when I had had enough. I started focusing on getting to a better mental state, where I had the capacity to deal with life without getting depressed.

In 2012 I also met my future husband and he too has been a major part of me dealing with what life throws at me in a great way.

I began following Sarah on her blog Thoughts.Stories.Life and she has inspired me to take charge of my own life. In February of 2015 Sarah invited me to join her first #HBRBootcamp, but at the time I wasn’t ready to make the commitment. Then in June, Sarah again invited me to join her second one and this time I was ready, and am I glad I made that decision!

This has been an amazing ride for me. I have found these steps (the #HBRMethod) to be easy to put into everyday life.  The change started on the inside. Reading #DreamIT helped me find out what my passion is all about and helped me rekindle my love of horses.  And best of all – I've started riding again, and even got a horse FOR FREE!! (#MoneyAintAThing #ManifestThat!).  #ThinkIT changed my mindset and the way I see myself, it has moved mountains for me. This chapter is all about changing your inner voice. I have played mental tennis with my negative thought patterns to start thinking some positive instead. This journey for me, has not been about only being positive. It has been about changing my beliefs about myself to more positive ones. Only when you have a positive way of being with yourself, can you handle all the negative crap life at times throws at you. Your positive beliefs act as a shield and the #HBRMethod teaches you how to keep all the negative stuff from affecting, and discouraging you.

When I started applying these tools and thinking positive about myself, things started to happen. At first small stuff. And then came my job (#ManifestThat!). A paid apprenticeship at a home mainly for people with Downs Syndrome and Autism. Its thirty hours a week with a schedule that has left room for me to do all of the other stuff I want to do with my life. They even support my dream of becoming a riding therapist, and might want me to work as one during my four year contract! I plan on making myself indispensable, so they have to prolong the contract indefinitely!

This fantastic process has just begun. I can't wait to see where it takes me next!


Written by Tine Riedel. Tine is a wife, mother, certified #HBRCoach and lover of horses. 

Posted by Sarah Centrella

*The hashtags in this post refer to the steps to success in the #HBRMethod, laid out in the book Hustle Believe Receive

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