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Live Your Dream Workshop -Denmark

  • Copenhagen Denmark
Live Your Dream in Denmark

What We'll Do

Join best-selling author and master life coach  Sarah Centrella for a powerful personal empowerment workshop in Copenhagen Denmark! 

Hosted by #HBRCoach and intuitive healer Tine Mari. In this exclusive small group setting, you'll learn from Sarah her 8-steps to changing your life and living your dream, including how to create a vision board that will quickly begin manifesting. You'll also learn tips from Tine on how to let go of hidden blocks to your success. 

Sarah's book Hustle Believe Receive an 8-step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream is a #1 best-seller in self-help, happiness and personal transformation. It shares her story of how she reinvented her life, starting from nothing as a single mom, to living her dream. It also shares 51 success stories of celebrities and regular people, who've used her method to achieve success. Sarah has coached people around the world, helping them identify their purpose and dreams, then providing the tools, plan and support for clients to achieve them. 

Sarah has designed this workshop to challenge, inspire and motivate you to achieve your dreams. You'll learn the same tools that have helped NBA, NFL players, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, executives, and anyone with a dream reach their goals.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Sarah's personal coaching.

Sample Agenda

  • Sarah will walk you through her 8-step #HBRMethod to help you identify your dreams and insure that your vision board will manifest. Bring a note pad!
  • Tine will walk you through a creative visualization exercise that will help release your blocks to money, success and living your dreams.
  • Sarah will teach you how to use Pinterest to find the perfect picture to match your vision and dream. This is the same method she taught to Pinterests own employees!
  • Then we'll make your vision board! 

Ticket Includes

  •  All coaching activities
  • ebook version of HBR Workbook in Danish ($24.95 value)
  •  A glass of champagne or mimosa
  • ·Light eats 
  •  Basic supplies to make your vision board, but DOES NOT Include the physical board. 

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Space is very limited so sign up early! 

Early-Bird Ticket (before Aug 1st): $99

Later-Bird Ticket (after Aug 1st): $125

About Sarah


Since creating her first board in 2009, while still in poverty, Sarah has manifested FOUR boards and a six-figure income! They've enabled her to create an entirely new life for her family, delivering experiences that money can't even buy! 

Sarah's #HBRMethod is the secret to successfully creating a "vision board" that will manifest your goals; dreams, and new life, in record time. 

She has coached hundreds of people around the world since 2010, on how to successfully create the life of their dreams using this unique method, which is a customized approach to vision boarding. Now you and your crew can learn the secrets to manifesting the life you want! 

Sarah is a single mom of three and lives in Portland Oregon USA. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about Sarah's vision boards, watch videos and see examples of how her boards manifest. 


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Tine is a Denmark native and certified #HBRMethod coach who went through Sarah's coaching program in the summer of 2015 where she learned how to apply the method to achieve major results in a very short period of time. 

Tine has a natural ability to coach and inspire people and has truly found her calling as an intuitive healer and HBR coach. Combining these two specialties allows her to help clients break subconscious barriers to success, while providing tangible tools to change conscious behaviors. Together these specialties yield amazing results! Tine has even helped Sarah break through significant subconscious barriers using her initiative healing techniques.  READ TINE'S STORY


Return Policy

All sales final. No refunds. If for any reason you've purchased your ticket and are not able to attend you may donate or gift you ticket for someone else to go in your place.