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HBR University trains life coaches from around the world, providing the training and tools to build a rewarding career. 




Are you looking for a rewarding career that is both fulfilling and lucrative while teaching others how to change their life and live their dream? Becoming a certified HBR Life Coach may be the ideal career choice for you. 

Our three month coaches training university will teach you how to master the #HBRMethod, and give you the skills to be a top tier, sought after HBR life coach.  Only individuals who have been through this program and been certified by Centrella Media Inc. are able to become HBR Coaches.


#HBRUniversity is an 12-week intensive training course with a mix of online tutorials, testing and small group weekly training calls. 

  • One weekly 30-60 minute training call
  • Weekly homework assignment and review
  • Weekly quizzes and written tests on the covered material
  • Involvement with other HBR coaches and in the Facebook group, encouraging and mentoring bootcamp members. 
  • Upon completion of your 10-week course you'll need to pass a written exam and undergo an evaluation by your Master coach prior to earning your certification of completion. 
  • Your final two weeks of coaches training will cover the essentials on how to start your coaching business. 
  • Once you've been certified you will be added to the HBR Coaches website and can begin accepting clients. 

*Tuition: $6,500

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#HBRUniversity embrace your glory


Please note that all services listed above are NOT REFUNDABLE. I have learned through personal experience that people are not committed when they know they can "just return it." And because I believe in committing myself to you; keeping our appointments and respecting your time and effort, I require the same in return. It's important for me to only work with clients who are 100% committed to working with me to achieve their goals. Therefore there are NO refunds given on any service at any time.