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Sarah Centrella is a bestselling author, renown life coach and motivational speaker, helping clients around the world manifest their dreams. 

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#LifeCoach Sarah Centrella

Ready to change your life and live your dream? 

I've been coaching my 8-step #HBRMethod with clients from around the world since 2010, and I've seen it transform lives over and over again. It is PROVEN to work, delivering truly remarkable results if you are willing to bust your ass and do the work. (for more check out my bio)

Who needs a life coach anyway? I find there are two main reasons why clients reach out to me:

 1. Because they need help identifying what they want, and guidance on making a plan to achieve it. In this scenario clients have often recently gone through a difficult life event, such as a divorce, health crisis or changing careers and are not sure how to restart their life. They are looking for help finding their passion and purpose. We work together one-on-one to answer these questions and create a plan for creating the life they want.

2. Because they know what they want, but are not sure how to make it happen. Here, I work with the client to help them reach their goal/dream which has already been clearly defined. Think of me as doing for your life, what a personal trainer does for your body. I provide the plan, tools, accountability and motivation to help you reach your goals. 

Having a personal coach means you get targeted results, but it also means that YOU are held accountable for them! I push my clients past their comfort zone, and have high expectations, but I also encourage through positive reenforcement and by tracking and measuring your progress. 

My coaching is holistic, meaning it will touch EVERY aspect of your life including: career, relationships, your passions, mental and physical wellbeing, and the lifestyle you want. 

I've helped clients: leave abusive relationships, find the love of their life, start a business, discover their passion, manifest trips and unexpected income, find peace and joy, rid their mind of anxiety and stress, lose weight, reach health and fitness goals, overcome depression, leave a bad work situation to begin doing what they love, and much more! (see what clients are saying)

If your ready to start living your dreams then lets get started! All coaching starts with a minimum of 8 sessions which follow my 8 steps, typically with one session a week. I customize the steps to fit YOU. 

Sarah Centrella #LifeCoach

What's Included

Eight, 60 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions (phone or Skype) with me to go over each step. Additionally we cover your weekly wins, or any struggles you've faced that week and I personally review and provide feedback on your homework.

Customization of the #HBRMethod to your life, your goals, your dreams. 

Calls are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you and ideally the same time each week.

Assigned weekly reading and weekly homework to insure your accountability.

Creation of a #LifePlan and a #FutureBoard that reflect your goals.

Email homework review.

Email or text accessibility between weekly calls.

Access to private Facebook group for additional support and mentorship.

Additional phone calls are billed prior to the call at the hourly rate. 


Package of 8 : $2,200.00  (plus one bonus intro session, for a total of 9 one-hour sessions)

Additional Hourly Rate: $275

*Please see refund policy below


author mentoring

How to become a published author, by bestselling #author Sarah Centrella

do you have what it takes to become a traditionally published author?

When I wrote my first book in 2012 I learned quickly that writing a book, and getting it traditionally published are two very different things. I learned that theres a very specific order to things, and if you don't do each step correctly you can destroy your chances of ever being published. Needless to say that book was not published.

Learning things the hard way has one big upside, you don't make those mistakes twice! Not only that, now you have a blueprint that others can follow, a short-cut past the mistakes. It took a few years and another failed book before I got it right. 

In 2015 I signed with my current literary agent, which in its own right is a HUGE accomplishment and the first step to getting published. This came after years of trying to get an agent, going about it the wrong way, with work that wasn't ready to be submitted. Six months after signing with my agent we got three offers and signed a publishing deal with Skyhorse Publishing in New York. That deal was sold on my proposal alone (the book was not yet written). I had exactly six months from signing the deal to turning in the finished manuscript. That might seem like a long time, but trust me it's nothing, especially for a 372 page book! KEEP READING



Have an amazing story to tell, but you don't want to write it?

Being a traditionally published bestselling author, who's written several books (second, a memoir due 2017), has given me a lot of writing experience over the past several years. I've been blogging since 2009 on my personal blog Thoughts.Stories.Life. which has received over 1M views since it began. Writing for my blog is how I first fell in love with the magic of the written word. It's where I realized that writing has enormous power; it can inspire, motivate, bring tears and deep emotion, as well as pure joy. My work has also appeared in Elite Daily, many blogs and won numerous short story writing awards. 

If you have a story you've been dying to tell but don't want to, or know how to write a book, then working with a ghost writer might be the perfect fit. Essentially a ghost writer takes the story in your head and turns it into a manuscript that reflects your vision and storytelling, while you get the credit for being the author. KEEP READING


How to create a successful blog

Learn Sarah's tips to creating a successful international blog.

Sarah's personal blog Thoughts.Stories.Life has had 1M global views since it went public in 2010.

This session is dedicated to helping you create the blog you dream of, efficiently from the start! Or help you take it to the next level if you have on already. These are just some of the topics we can discuss based on your specific needs. We can discuss any others that you might have and this can be done in one or more sessions according to your needs. Sarah is available for phone or Skype sessions and can even help you via desktop sharing if you get stuck on the technical side of things. 

Learn how to create a successful #blog from top #blogger Sarah Centrella.
  • Get help deciding which blogging platform to use, learn from Sarah's trial and error
  • How to create great content that will be picked up in Google searches
  • How to maximize your SEO tools
  • How to "market" your posts effectively to get them more views, shares, comments and likes
  • Why Facebook is a bloggers best friend
  • How to use ads and or Google Adsense
  • Why you need to build a social media platform to support your blog
  • Should you build the brand around your personal name or your blogs name? 
  • Building a mailing list and newsletter

4 sixty-minute sessions: $1,500 


Vision Board Workshops

Learn how to make a #VisionBoard that WORKS

I offer two main workshops

One caters to a corporate audience (perfect for sales trainings or employee goal setting activities). The other is a small group private setting. In both she teaches the keys to making a #FutureBoard (aka vision board) that ACTUALLY WORKS! Since creating my first board in 2009 while still in poverty, I've manifested FOUR boards! They have helped me create an entirely new life for myself and my family, delivering experiences that money can't even buy!


how to build a social media platform

keys to successfully creating a social media following and building a brand from scratch 

Learn how to build a successful social media platform

I built an online platform initially by accident. When I started my blog Thoughts.Stories.Life., in 2009 I never intended for anyone to read it. Back then I was going through a painful divorce, had no friends or family to speak of, and was trying desperately to reinvent my life. Blogging was merely a therapeutic outlet for me.

So when a story I'd written went viral I was shocked to say the least. It became a turning point in my life, one where I realized it was time to step up and own my life, which meant owning my online presence as well. 

Since then I've become comfortable using online platforms, and social media as a means to reach an audience that wants to hear what I have to say. I've learned that there's an art to this, and that it's not always easy. I've no-where-near, reached the online success that I envision, but I've come a long way and learned a lot in the process. 

Today I've built an audience of over 75,000 followers across several social media platforms. Including: YouTube with several videos over 100,000 views, over 44,000 Instagram followers across several targeted accounts, over 7,000 Facebook followers across several targeted pages, and over 19,000 Twitter followers across multiple targeted accounts. My blog has had over 1M views since it started in 2009. I've had blog post reach nearly 4,000 Facebook shares and over 20,000 unique reads in a week. 




Please note that all services listed above are NOT REFUNDABLE. I have learned through personal experience that people are not committed when they know they can "just return it." And because I believe in committing myself to you; keeping our appointments and respecting your time and effort, I require the same in return. It's important for me to only work with clients who are 100% committed to achieve their goals. Therefore there are NO refunds given on any service at any time.