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Why Hire A Ghost Writer?


Why hire a ghost writer

Being a traditionally published bestselling author, who's written several books (second, a memoir due 2017), has given me a lot of writing experience over the past several years. I've been blogging since 2009 on my personal blog Thoughts.Stories.Life. which has received over 1M views since it began. My work has also appeared in Elite Daily, many blogs and won numerous short story writing awards. 

Writing for my blog is how I first fell in love with the magic of the written word. It's where I realized that writing has enormous power; it can inspire, motivate, bring tears and deep emotion, as well as pure joy.

If you have a story that you've been dying to tell, but don't know how to write a book, then working with a ghost writer might be the perfect fit.

Essentially a ghost writer takes the story in your head and turns it into a manuscript that reflects your vision and storytelling. But the best part is that you get the credit for being the author and the publishing rights and royalties. 

I love to hear someone’s story, told to me in their own words, and then go through the process of turning a conversation into a compelling readable story. This is the process I followed in writing Hustle Believe Receive where I interviewed 51 people and wrote their stories for the book.

Be forewarned that it's an intense and emotionally difficult process. If you've never had someone write for, or about you, I suggest we begin with a test story. I've found that people who've never given an interview or had their story written, initially have a very difficult time reading (and liking) the story. That's because thinking it, and verbally telling it, are very different from having someone write what you say. It will seem much "harsher" or sound much different on the page then how it's verbally spoken, even when it's your exact words. It's kinda like the first few times you record a YouTube video of yourself talking, it seems cringe-worthy to you, even when others don't react that way. So be prepared.

That's why our first step is a test story. This usually consists of a one-hour phone interview, from which I'll write a 3-4-page sample story. That sample is yours to keep and use how you wish. 

Cost of a sample story: $500

This process is very helpful for both of us. It lets you know if this is something you are serious about pursuing, and if you connect with my telling of your story. One thing to keep in mind is that it gets easier over time. If it's your memoir, or a personal story you want me to write, that will absolutely be very difficult at first. It will take a while for you to have an objective view of the "story" as such, and not as "your life." There is a difference. The art of writing a compelling work, requires us to get that separation, filtering through the details of our memory, to get to the heart of the real story, and that's a big part of my job. I help you TELL THE STORY, in a way that will hook a reader who knows nothing about you. 

This is My Process For Ghost Writing a Book

  • I'll first conduct hours of personal phone recorded interviews with you, to hear your complete story first-hand. Then I'll begin transcribing your words and turning them into a cohesive manuscript.
  • Then I'll create a general outline for the book based on the interviews. The outline will cover the arc of the book; beginning, middle and end. Once you've signed off on this general layout I'll begin turning the interviews into chapters.
  • There are two major milestones for you to provide feedback in the first draft writing process.

1. After the first three chapters have been written. Here you'll be able to read what's been written and provide the necessary feedback on structure, voice, tone etc. This is where any of those changes would be made and used in the remaining book. 

why hire a ghost writer

2. At the halfway point of the first draft. This gives you a chance to see how the books progressing and address any concerns you might have.  

  • The final rough draft is your chance to read the entire book and provide any redline revisions. 
  • Then I'll do a final full read-through and revision providing you the final draft. (note: I am NOT a copy editor, meaning you will still need to hire someone to officially copy edit your manuscript. Their job is to double check all grammar etc. That is a separate editing process)
  • This entire process takes anywhere from 3-9 months depending on your content and time-frame. It is also dependent on getting your feedback and revisions in a timely manner. 

I am happy to do a free 30-minute consultation with you to see if this is something you'd like to pursue, and to make sure we'd work well together. Because this is such a labor-intensive project I only work on one ghost book at a time. But please understand that this is a serious investment on your part, both financially, emotionally and it's a major time commitment. 

Costs vary depending on your specific project, but range from $25,000 to $40,000 from start to finish. I'll prepare a specific quote for your project if you decide to move forward after the consultation. Budget breakdown: one third of the total cost of your project is due at the time we sign our contract to work together. The other third is due at the halfway milestone. The last payment is due when the final draft is handed over to you.

Important Note: none of the payments are refundable and are contractually due at each of the above mentioned timelines regardless of if you have second thoughts by those deadlines. It is also important to note that I am NOT an agent or a publisher and have no control over if your book is published or not. My job is simply to write your book in a way you are proud of so you can submit it through the process or self-publish if you choose. 

I also offer writing services for book proposalsagent query lettersarticles and blog posts.