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True #HBRstories written and submitted by individuals who are applying and achieving success using the #HBRMethod, based on the book Hustle Believe Receive. Inspiring, true success stories by REAL people. 


These testimonials submitted by my clients who are using, and finding success applying the #HBRMethod. Read their inspiring stories and be sure to follow their journey. Commenting on their post is a great way to encourage them so feel free to comment and share! If you have an #HBRStory submit here.

I began working with Sarah to chase my dream of playing golf on the PGA Tour; more specifically winning on the PGA Tour. My wife saw that I was struggling mentally in my golf game and was having trouble focusing on a good plan of how to get where....I was lost. The missing piece was that over the past several years, I started to treat golf more of a chore and less of a job. With Sarah’s help, I have been able to get that champion’s mentality back. She helped me decide undoubtedly where I was going, “forced” me to create a roadmap and vision for that future and now I am on my way. I am grateful for having worked with Sarah as now golf is so much more enjoyable which has freed me up to play to my potential.
— Matt L. - Jupiter, FL
‘Divorced and alone, bankrupt and broke, working a job I hated most days, overweight and out of shape, disconnected and sad.’ That is what I wrote in my HBR Journal on day one of coaching with Sarah in July of 2015.

I am grateful to Sarah and the #HBRMethod because it was a HUGE turning point in my life... there is so much to be grateful for around the work we did in coaching, but mostly I am grateful that I’m about to marry the man of my dreams (literally off my #FutureBoard!) on July 1st 2017.

Today I’m getting ready to move to sunny California (one of my dreams). I left the job I hated after working with Sarah, sold my house, am now debt free and in the best financial situation of my life! Thank you Sarah!
— Virginia - "Go-Getter" Coaching Client

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