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Vision Board Workshops

Bestselling author and vision board expert Sarah Centrella, teaches clients how to manifest their dreams, in her unique vision board workshops and ladies night parties. 

Vision board workshop with bestselling author Sarah Centrella. Learn how to manifest your dreams!

Vision Board Workshops

I made my future board on May 7th 2015 while taking Sarah’s coaching course. When I did this I followed #TheHustle assignment and filled my board with photos of experiences that I hoped to have in my life. I broke it down into the five categories. This way I could clearly see what I was wanting and would know what areas I needed to work on.
I have to admit when I created this board as much as I wanted these things to happen, a part of me still didn’t believe that they would. I was 33 at the time.....

Eight months later, on January 7th 2016 at 6 am. I was boarding a flight to NYC with one of my best friends for a long weekend filled with #ManifestThat moments and checking off #BucketList items! I have always wanted to go to New York and this trip was a dream come true and financially possible thanks to the #HBRMethod of #MoneyAintAthing!
— Kristen Christensen

I offer a few workshop options and can also customize one that works best for you. In each, I teach the keys to making a #FutureBoard (aka vision board) that ACTUALLY WORKS!

Since creating my first board in 2009, while still in poverty, I've manifested FOUR boards and a six-figure income! They've enabled me to create an entirely new life for myself and my family, delivering experiences that money can't even buy! 

My #HBRMethod is the secret to successfully creating a "vision board" that will manifest your goals; dreams, and new life in record time. 

I've coached hundreds of people around the world since 2010, on how to successfully create the life of their dreams using this unique method, which is a customized approach to vision boarding. Now you and your crew can learn the secrets to manifesting the life you want! 

vision board workshop

 "Bubbles and Dreams!" 

A Private Workshop

A night of dreaming and vision casting! Thank you Sarah for coming and sharing your wisdom with us.
— Nikki Raichart -Private Workshop Host
vision board party

The perfect excuse to host a great event for your friends, business associates or your anyone who's ready to create their future! I can come to you, teaching your crew how to manifest their dream life in the comfort of your own home or space of your choosing.  

I'll bring champagne, and some light eats, setting the tone for a fun evening (or brunch!) with like-minded success driven people. The best part of this experience is that it's a small group private environment, this way I can provide each of your guests the individual attention they need to create a customized board that WILL MANIFEST! 

Success is always faster and better when shared with people who support your vision, so find a group of driven and motivated people to share some bubbles and dreams! 

Sample Agenda

  • I will briefly walk you through my 8-step #HBRMethod to help you identify your dreams and insure that your vision board will manifest. Bring a note pad!
  • I'll also teach you how to use Pinterest to find the perfect picture to match your vision and dream. This is the same method I taught to Pinterests own employees!
  •  Let's make your vision board!

Includes: A glass of champagne, charcuterie plate, a non-alcoholic beverage option (like sparkling water), and basic supplies (but NOT your physical board).

The photo's below are side-by-side comparison shots of my actual vision boards (aka #FutureBoard) and me (or my kids) living that moment in real life. This works! Here's just SOME of the proof!






Please note that all events/individual tickets listed above are NOT REFUNDABLE. I have learned through personal experience that people are not committed when they know they can "just return it." Therefore there are NO refunds given, unless the event does not meet it's minimum requirements resulting in the event being canceled.